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AI applied to TeleHealth


medical imaging transfer made simple, secure and smart.

MedsendX is a healthcare technology company that has developed unique cost effective, user-friendly, eco-friendly, cloud/server solutions for instant, secure medical image sharing and collaboration.

Securely transfer your medical images with peace of mind.
Safe, secure and AI-powered medical imaging services for better healthcare.
Upgrade to MedsendX and ditch CDs and DVDs for secure and efficient medical imaging transfer.


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Kilograms of Co2 Carbon Footprint Saved

Digital delivery

The No CD/DVD Solution for Instant Shared Medical Images via Email.

Cloud/Server Transmission

Cloud/Server digital imaging transmission for secure and ultra fast communications.

Cost Effective environment friendly solution

MedsendX is a unique solution that help you save the environment from dangerous wastes, saving money, time and will help pet to receive punctual diagnosis in a faster way.


We connect directly to equipment

Our solution connects directly with CR, MRI, CT Scans, and all the DICOM compatible equipment, retrieving automatically all the images. Interoperability with CRM’s or EHR is a key feature through HL7 protocol or thanks to our custom connectors. Studies are shared with a simple email that can be forwarded to any doctor for second opinions.



Reduces costs, time, and processes associated with creating, sending, and disposing of DVDs/CDs.


Adapts seamlessly to any existing PACS and RIS systems, without requiring a VPN or additional equipment.


Integrated privacy levels meet compliance requirements


User-friendly interface with no need for additional hardware.

Eco Friendly

We eliminate the use of CDs/DVDs, creating a cleaner and safer environment.


Scalable to meet the needs of hospitals of all sizes.

international team

Highly Trained Team

The need to meet increasingly complex demands has led to the establishment of a international multidisciplinary team.
The professional skills of the MedsendX team are of the highest standards for interoperability, security and help desk.
The MedsendX team is a valued asset to the various stages of planning and management of the services provided.

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Via Vittorio Emanuele 113/115
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Viale Delle Scienze Edificio, 16
90128 – Palermo (PA)

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MedsendX is The Ultimate Solution.
Thanks to years of research, testing, and tuning, MedsendX offers the ultimate solution to share medical examination, allowing to definitely say goodbye to the use DVDs.
Sending Medical Examinations with MedsendX is as easy as it can be.
Easy to Adopt: MedsendX can be used in addition with any existing software, PACS, and RIS. MedsendX is not a PACS
No additional Equipment is needed, since MedsendX is not a PACS.
Universal: for the above reasons, MedsendX can be used with any medical equipment, PAC, RIS. No PACS replacement is needed.





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