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MedsendX offers real time image sharing for any used diagnostic methodology that uses DICOM compliant equipment. Both for customers release of records and for sharing between Veterinarians Clinics for follow up or remote diagnosis.

Our solution connects directly with CR, MRI, CT Scans, and all the DICOM compatible equipment, retrieving automatically all the images. Interoperability with CRM’s or EHR is a key feature through HL7 protocol or thanks to our custom connectors. Studies are shared with a simple email that can be forwarded to any doctor for second opinions. Customers will receive an email with all the images that can be easily shared with other doctors or for personal record

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Recurring Medical Images sharing

Medsendx provides a comprehensive solution for medical image sharing between clinics that are not connected via VPN or with freelance radiologists.

Our service allows for remote reporting and facilitates collaboration between medical professionals in a secure and efficient way.

With our platform, medical images can be easily shared and accessed, making it possible for clinicians to provide better patient care regardless of their location. Our advanced encryption protocols ensure the privacy and security of sensitive medical data. Medsendx’s platform is user-friendly and designed to streamline the process of sharing and receiving medical images, reducing wait times and increasing efficiency.

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MedsendX is an advanced e-health solution designed to facilitate the secure sharing of medical imaging studies. It integrates seamlessly with existing diagnostic imaging systems, ensuring minimal impact on current IT infrastructures while providing universal compatibility with various medical imaging technologies.

How does MedsendX ensure the security of medical data?

MedsendX employs robust encryption techniques and a federated architecture to protect data during transit and storage. This architecture eliminates direct connections between sending and receiving nodes, significantly reducing the risk of data breaches and unauthorized access.

What are the benefits of using MedsendX?

MedsendX provides numerous benefits, including secure and efficient sharing of large medical imaging files, minimal impact on existing IT infrastructures, creation of spontaneous and secure medical networks, and enhanced accessibility of medical images for patients and healthcare providers.

How does MedsendX integrate with existing medical imaging systems?

MedsendX acts as a plug-in architecture, interfacing with existing RIS/PACS systems via the Medical Images Gateway (MIG). This ensures seamless integration without requiring significant modifications to the existing IT infrastructure.

What technologies does MedsendX use for data transfer?

MedsendX utilizes cloud technology for data transit, leveraging secure file systems dedicated to medical use with international certifications. Additionally, it can be integrated into a Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC) environment, such as a Local Core Edge provided by Vodafone, if necessary.

How does MedsendX handle imaging data in mobile mammogram units?

MedsendX can securely transfer imaging data from mobile mammogram units to central facilities without establishing fixed connections, reducing the risk of data breaches and the costs associated with maintaining complex VPNs or similar networks.